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Our latest Access Components Handbook offers a sizeable expansion of our access and hardware range. Existing product ranges have been greatly enhanced with new and exciting products and the latest innovative designs, whilst our new product ranges offer additional complimentary products with wide industrial applications.

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Compression Latches

Flexi-System Compression Latches - A1601

Compatible with our flexi system cams. Provide 7mm of compression. Available in steel and stainless steel, and chrome or black powder finish.

Flexi-System Compression Latches - A1611

Quarter turn to lock and a further quarter turn to compress or tighten. Adjustment easily made by moving the position of the nuts on the stud.

Compression Latches - Lever Latch - A1701

Used widely in vending machines, tills and point of sale devices as well as in cages, this lock provides compression from the rear and provides an easy to use pop out handle.

Mini Compression Latchs - A1661

A mini compression lock popular in the food industry and kitchen ventilation and HVAC, or where space is at a premium. Available in chrome or black powder.

Compression Lock - T-handle - A1801

Wing handle for easy actuation. A turn of 270o turns the handle 90o then draws the cam upward, providing 7mm of compression.

Compresion Latch - Flexi System - A1580

Uses a screw effect to tighten the seal. The stud enters a fixed nut and pulls the frame toward the door as the key is turned. Available with option security cover.

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