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Our latest Access Components Handbook offers a sizeable expansion of our access and hardware range. Existing product ranges have been greatly enhanced with new and exciting products and the latest innovative designs, whilst our new product ranges offer additional complimentary products with wide industrial applications.

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Over many years we have gathered a lot of technical and application information about our products. While much of this information is also contained within the product specific technical datasheets we have created this technical reference library as an easy point to access information across a wider range of our products.

We have grouped our technical information alphabetically, by main product name (alternative ways to source this information are to browse to specific product types and download the product datasheets, which also contain relevant technical information associated with the product).

We are sure you will find this information useful.

Technical Reference Documents

Cam Latches and Locks - Flexi System Overview

Cam Latches and Locks - Selection Guide

Multi-Point Latching - Technical Overview

Compression Cam Latches and Locks - Technical Overview

Swing Handles and Locks - Selection Guide

Soft Down Stays - Technical Overview

Technical Appendicies

Torque Dampers - Technical Overview

Rotary Dampers - Technical Overview

Dampers - Technical Overview

Hinges - Selection Guide

Terms and Conditions of Sales

Cam Latches - Insert Driver - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Padlockable - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Wing Handle - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Extended Body - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Mini - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - with Cover - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Compression Type - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Compression Lever - Selection Chart

Cam Locks - Cylinder Lock - Selection Chart

Cam Locks - Mini Lock - Selection Chart

Cam Locks - T and L Handle - Selection Chart

Cam Latches and Locks - Rod Control - Selection Chart

Swing Handles - Selection Chart

Swing Handles - Rod Control - Selection Chart

Swing Handles - Stainless Steel - Selection Chart

Cam Latches - Flush Handle - Selection Chart

Push to Close Latches - Selection Chart

HVAC Latches - Selection Chart

Functional and Electronic Handles - Selection Chart

Soft Down Stays - Selection Chart

Lid Stays - Selection Chart

Drawer Slides - Selection Chart

Positioning Hinges - Selection Chart

Glass Hinges - Technical Overview

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